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Seamless (and double-face) Baby Boots – Pattern (English)




3-6 months


Sport or light worsted yarn, one skein
3.5mm (US 4) 40cm (16”) circular needle (or size needed to obtain gauge)


20 sts and 25 rows = 10 cm (4”) in st st


st st: stockinette stitch
st: stitch
CO: cast on
rnd: round
k: knit
p: purl
PM: place marker
k2tog: knit 2 together
p2tog: purl 2 together
SLM: slip marker
kfb: knit in front and back of the same stitch
kbf: knit in back and front of the same stitch
ssk: slip slip knit
yo: yarn over
sl: slip
sl1p: slip 1 stitch purlwise
P2togtbl: purl 2 together through back loop


CO 36 sts with Judy’s magic Cast On (it will be 18 sts in each needle)

rnd 1: PM to sign the end of round, p17, PM, k2tog, PM, p17

rnd 2: SLM, kfb, k until 1 stitch remain before marker, kfb, SLM, k1, SLM, kbf, k until 1 stitch remain before end of round, kbf

rnd 3: purl

rnd 4: repeat rnd 2

rnd 5: repeat rnd 3

rnd 6: repeat rnd 2

rnd 7: purl

rnd 8: knit

repeat rnd 7-8 until rnd 17 (garter stitch)

(Now on, from row 18 to row 25, we will not work in-the-round)

row 18: k19, k2tog, k5, ssk, yo, sl1. Turn.

row 19: k2tog, k5, ssk, yo, sl1p. Turn.

row 20: k2tog, k5, ssk, yo, sl1. Turn.

row 21: repeat row 19

row 22: k2tog, k5, ssk, sl1. Turn.

row 23: P2togtbl, p5, p2tog, sl1p. Turn.

row 24: repeat row 22

row 25: repeat row 23

(now we resume to work in-the-round)

rnd 26: k2tog, k5 (removing markers), ssk, k until the end of rnd.

rnd 27: purl

Now we will continue in garter stitch (one rnd knit, one rnd purl) for 6 cm (2,5”) finishing with a purl rnd.

Bind off and weave in ends.

Repeat for the other boot!

DSC_5503-2 tgDSC_5504-2 tg

Once you have done, you can choose if you prefer the version with the garter stitch instep, or with the stockinette stitch instep, you just need to turn them inside out!

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